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Why to sell with us

Wide Range of Product

We at medax offer wide range of category of product to sell and buy.

1 M+ User

We have user base from different classes and categories who will be your prospective customer.

Defined Strategy for Your Product

Success of Business is depend on strategy and we define it for you.

Targeted Customer

As per strategy we target customers for your products.

Easily Customize Seller Profile

Customize your profile as a seller. You can upload your Logo, Business Name, Business Logo, Banner with product details. So visitors of our site can know about you about your brand and your esteem products. You can creat your brand by selling with us.

Add Unlimited Products

There is more than 22 category of products and 310 plus sub category. You can add unlimited product at suitable category for free. You can sell product by up sell cross sell etc.

More product range more chance to sell. Now days customers want more choice for a product. We provide wide range of product to choose.

Connect to your social profile

You can add your various social profile with us. Millions of customers would like to follow you and your products on various social media. And it makes visible your product to world and gradually your shop and brand become a well known brand.

Social media is a means to be connected with peoples and society and keep them updated about you, your shop and your brand.

Buyer can ask you a question

Buyer can ask you questions about you and your products easily and it generate interaction. By interacting with customer you can create faith and trust for your product for customers.

Asking Question is good when you are selling or buying online. It easily create sale.

At Medax we are generate a safe and faithful environment for all of us. We create a transparent and genuine marketplace where everyone get benefited and stand at a win - win situation.

Create Market Share

We plans suitable offers for your customer to attract and achieve your sales goals and create market share.

Benefits to your customers

We pass on extra benefits to targeted customer at cost effective way to increase your sale.

Really Easy to Setup and Customize


Become a Medax Supplier by filling in the registration form below. Once you submit the form, our on boarding team will get in touch with you.

To be a Medax Supplier, you need:

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PAN Card

Bank Account

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